Screen Share Comes to iMessage and Google Hangouts for iOS

Google Hangouts

Good news for all users of Apple gadgets that include iPhones, iPads as well as Mac, who want to screen share.

It is now possible to do just this with the help of iMessage or Google Hangouts.

Both chat apps support screen sharing on Mac desktops and to even make the matter sweeter, setting up is a no brainer. You can use QuickTime to share easily your iPad or iPhone with any party interested in seeing your iOS home screen, however, you will, first of all, have to setup either of Google Hangouts or Apple’s iMessage for this to be possible.

Screen sharing using iMessage

The app you go for will depend on your specific preferences. If iMessage is the app, you love to use for screen sharing, launch the app on your Mac while ensuring that the person you wish to screen share with has also opened their Messages app. This app is right there in the Applications folder.

When the both of you are inside the Messages app, it’s more than easy to share your screen. Just go to the specific person’s chat box or, open a new chat by going to “File>New Message” and then send any message to this person to enable the setting up of screen share.

A chat window with the other contact will open. Click on the “Details” option located at the top right end of the open window, just next to the name or phone number of the person you are contacting. Follow this by clicking on the icon with two rectangles superimposed on each other, then go ahead, and choose one of the two options available there: Ask Share Screen or Invite to Share My Screen.

A request will be sent to the person you want to share your screen with, and once they accept, the Screen Sharing app will automatically open and in so doing activate screen sharing.

Screen sharing using Google Hangouts

If Google Hangouts is your thing, the process is more than easy. Just like with iMessage, screen sharing in Hangouts requires that both parties sign into their Hangouts for The Web via the URL

When everyone is logged in, and the line of communication is open, hit the camera icon at the top of the open Hangouts window to start a video calling session. When it starts, click on the Screenshare button. This button can be found in the upper left corner of the open Hangouts video calling window, just beneath the speech bubble icon. When you click on this button, choose the app or window you want to share, for instance, your entire desktop screen.

Once you have setup screen sharing on Mac, iPhone or iPad sharing will require that you connect to your Mac using a lightening cable. The phone or tablet also needs to be running on at least iOS 8 and once it loads, start the QuickTime Player app from the Applications folder.

Go to “File>New Movie Recording” through the menu bar and then click on the arrow facing downwards. The arrow is adjacent to the red recording icon that shows up in the window that pops up. Under the Camera section, select the name of your iPad or iPhone you wish to enable screen sharing for. Remember, the process starts with sharing your desktop screen with the other party. Otherwise it will not work.

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