Twitter for Mac Finally Gets an Update that Levels it with Mobile App’s Features


Twitter is pretty determined to grow its user base, and the company has identified the neglected desktop niche as one area that may be contributing to the slow growth it is currently experiencing.

Since new boss Jack Dorsey took over control of the company, he promised change and for sure, a lot of it has come in. Whether its management, dropping of certain features and addition of new features; we’ve seen all of these come through in the short period he has been at the helm.

Another huge change has come to the desktop niche, an area the company had neglected for a very long time. There is a new Twitter for Mac app that rolled out on Wednesday and with it comes toa totally new user interface and a bunch of new functionalities that finally brings this app at par with its mobile and web counterparts.

New features introduced

Twitter has introduced support for some of the most revered characteristics in the present social networking space. Things like inline videos and animated GIFs have made their way to this desktop app. Also, the app received a design overhaul that makes it blend well with the likes of El Capitan and OS X Yosemite.

If you have been using an older version of the app on your Mac, you will be happy to learn that the company has introduced a Notification Center widget in the new app. Furthermore, the new brings the ability to choose between the app’s default color schemes or go for a new “dark mode” that also blends well with Yosemite’s dark theme.

The new app also brings the ability to take part in group chats, mute individual accounts as well as compatibility with the new style for retweets. However, you will not be able to use the new poll feature.

Twitter for Mac was released in 2011 and since then, this app has received about three updates. This shows the lack of the company’s focus on the desktop niche or maybe, it sees no future in this industry and instead, its focus is on mobile. There are even suggestions that the newly released app was worked on by a third party and not Twitter itself. However, no comment has come from the company regarding this matter.

Whether this new update is just the beginning of a new era for Mac users of Twitter or it will again take years before another update shows up is not known. But hopefully, more updates will come to the desktop app, just like the web client and mobile app.

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