Clash Of Clans Tips and Tricks – Gems, Mines and Clans Strategies

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games out there for mobile devices. According to reports, this game generates around 5 million dollars per day, which is a lot for a free to play game.

In Clash of Clans you will need to build your village and protect it from attackers. At the same time, you will have to train troops and raid other villages in order to steal resources that will allow you to upgrade the buildings from your village and make your troops stronger.

Don’t Spend Your Gems For Useless Things

Many new Clash of Clans players do the mistake by spending the gems on useless things such as instantly training troops or instantly building a structure. Instead of doing this, we suggest you to save all your gems and not spend them during the tutorial.

You will be able to use these gems to build Builder’s Huts. A Builder’s Hut comes with a builder that you will use to either build a structure or update it. The first Builder’s Hut you will get it for free, but for the rest you will have to pay as follows:

– 2nd Builder’s Hut: 250 Gems
– 3rd Builder’s Hut: 500 Gems
– 4th Builder’s Hut: 1000 Gems
– 5th Builder’s Hut: 2000 Gems.

Creating A Good Village Setup

It is very important to have a good village setup, especially if you want to get in higher leagues. At the beginning, you will not have access at too many walls. This is the reason why you should place inside the walls only the most important structures such as: Town Hall, Gold and Elixir Storages and defensive buildings (Archer Tower, Mortars, Cannons etc.)

Upgrading Mines And Collectors

Aside from raiding other villages, one of the best ways to gain resources is to collect them. Elixir pumps, dark elixir drills and gold mines are able to do this. By upgrading these structures, they will be able to gain more and more resources per hour. This is the reason why you should constantly upgrade them.

Free Shield

The “Free Shield” kicks in whenever your village is destroyed. Depending on the percentage of the village destroyed, the free shield can last for: 12 hours (30% destruction), 14 hours (60% destruction) or 16 hours (90% destruction). However, keep in mind that if you attack another player while having the “Free Shield” active, you will automatically lose it.

Instead of attacking other players while having the “Free Shield” active, we suggest you to play the single player “campaign” and upgrade the buildings that are inside your village.


As soon as you rebuild your Clan Castle, you will be able to join a Clan. By joining a Clan, the members that are inside it can send troops to your Clan Castle in order to defend your village. At the same time, you will be able to attend Clan Wars and if your Clan wins the war you will gain considerable loot.

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