Google Play Store 6.0.5 APK Is Available For Download – What’s Improved?

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Google has revamped its Play Store a few months ago and each new update brought minor changes, bug fixes and performance enhancements, so if you haven’t updated this application yet, then it’s mandatory to download and install Google Play Store 6.0.5 APK.

Ever since version 6.0 was unveiled, the users have dealt with many annoying errors which Google has tried to fix in the meantime, but it seems that v6.0.5 is more stable and it received two new sections: Apps & Games and Entertainment. The first section contains a collection of applications and games for Android, free or paid, while the second section has a list of movies, music and books. This change was well received, especially because the users were struggling to search through applications and books, as they were sharing the same space.

In addition to the two new sections, the Google Play Store 6.0.5 APK brings performance enhancements, so it responds more quickly than the previous update when tapping and swiping though applications, games etc. This will save you a lot of time and you will no longer be frustrated when the application will not react promptly. The app’s UI has also received subtle tweaks.

How To Install Google Play Store 6.0.5 APK

The latest update was released a month ago, and we’re pretty sure that there are many Android users who have received it, but there are devices that are running on older versions of Android and the Google Play Store 6.0.5 will roll out later to them. So, if you’re one of the users who haven’t installed this update yet, then you will need to manually download and install it from the internet, from trusted websites such as APK Mirror or XDA Developers forum. But first, you must enable the Unknown Sources option that you’ll find in the security settings, so check the box you’ll see in front of this option. Even if you’ll be warned that the file is not safe to install, just ignore the message and tap on the downloaded Play Store 6.0.5 APK, to start the installation process.

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