GTA 6 Release Date in 2018, Female Character and Best Improvements

GTA 6, GTA 6 Release Date, GTA 6 Improvements

Rockstar Games might just be initiating the first and foremost chapter of Grand Theft Auto 6 this year. According to the leaks, the upcoming 6th installment of the video game might roll out to home computers and game consoles in 2018. If you recall “GTA 5” came out five years later after the “GTA 4” launch, so based on Rockstar’s 5 year pattern, 2018 is the release year for GTA 6.

According to various sources, it appears that Rockstar is still focusing on launching various DLCs, so fans still have something to look forward too this year.

Female leading character and natural calamities might be part of GTA 6

Another rumor that definitely stirred up some waves is that the new GTA 6 might include a female character and its voice will belong to Eva Mendes. Ecumenical News claims that the renowned actress is on the verge of sealing the deal with Rockstar Games.

Given the amount of rumors that have been spreading like crazy, gamers don’t know what to believe anymore. Rockstar hasn’t made any official statements regarding the rumor about the female character or the fact that the map in the game will include the US territory. This remains to be seen.

Other rumors started boiling about the fact that Rockstar might include an online subscription for the upcoming GTA 6, just like “World of Warcraft”. Natural calamities might also be part of the new GTA 6 game, so imagine sensations like witnessing a volcanic eruption or taking cover from typhoons.

According to Leslie Benzies (Rockstar executive), the company has plenty of ideas they wish to include in the upcoming game installment, which means that some of these rumors may have some truth to them after all. Some suggest that the company is planning on making the GTA 6 the succeeding “World of Warcraft”, a statement that has incited even more innuendos.

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