Latest Facebook Messenger Updates to wrap up 2015


Facebook Messenger, which is the fastest growing instant messaging application according to Nielsen Company, got some latest updates winding up the year 2015.

Facebook Messenger was initially integrated into the main Facebook app but, later on, made a standalone app available on all mobile phone platforms. Messenger, as it is commonly referred to, offers quite a number of services to its over 700 million active users over the internet free from carrier-billings. These services include text and audio messaging, sharing of multimedia files, transferring of money as well as voice and video calling.

With the ongoing holiday season that is characterized by a lot of merry making and fun activities, Facebook Messenger received a number of updates that are in tandem with the ongoing festive season. These updates are simply amazing and fun to use as you are just about to wind up the year 2015 as well usher in the new upcoming year. Apart from these updates, Messenger has also partnered with Uber to enable users order and pay for cab services right from within the app.

Messenger’s Photo Magic

With a monthly record of over 9.5 billion photos getting shared on the application, sending photos to many people at once has now become easier on Facebook Messenger. The newly introduced Photo Magic works by recognizing the faces of those in the photo to be shared and prompts if you would like to share it with the people that are in that particular shot. It ideally helps you not to forget to send the photo of you and friends or even just to your friends only, in instances where you promised to send the photo and to enable them to have a copy of the photo.

Everyone in the photo will be listed and eventually get the photo if you share it upon the prompt command. The app creates a list of the friends in the group photo and prompts you to share it with them. This feature will work out for you during the New Year’s Eve where a number of memories are best captured in numerous snapshots taken with your friends and members of your family.

Chat customization

You can now customize the different chats with your friends, family or groups using the numerous emojis, choices of colors as well nicknames. You can label the people in various chat conversations with names that you wish. For Android users, at the top right of a chat, hit the info button and there you will be able to customize colors, emojis and give people nicknames of your choice. As for Apple device owners, tap on the person’s name that is usually at the top of a chat for customizations of your desire.

Messenger’s graphics and stickers with holiday theme 

In case, you were not aware a number of emoticons and holiday-themed graphics can be used in the app just before the year ends. These include adding snowflakes to your messages, snowman and other snow and holiday related stickers that are available in the app’s library.

Get a taxi ride

Facebook Messenger has also partnered with Uber to enable users order for a cab drive. The user simply taps on the car icon that is located at the bottom of a conversation window and then the user will receive updates from the cab driver. This feature is perfectly designed at the right time with the ongoing merrymaking activities that might run till late and associated with the drinking of alcohol. This will enable users to get safe cab rides home without any hitches or worries. Remember, your first ride when using this feature is free (applies for a ride of up to $ 20).

Messenger cares for its users, doesn’t it?

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