Minecraft PC and Mac Sales Have Passed 22 Million Copies

It seems that Microsoft creates not only addiction, but a chain reaction as well, because once you become obsessed with this game, you can’t stop talking about it until you convince your friends to play it as well. Until now, Microsoft has sold 22 million copies and every day, 14,000 people are buying the game.

Minecraft costs $26.95/£17.32 and has versions for PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi, PS 3, Xbox 360 Edition, PS 4, Xbox One and Windows 10, while in December 2015 was released the Wii U Edition. However, the gamers prefer to play Minecraft on their Windows PCs or Macs, and these versions have passed 22 million copies over the last weekend. Minecraft has also specified that in only one day, 14,000 people have bought the game and it seems that things are going great for Microsoft, the new owner who purchased Mojang in September 2014. A few months earlier, in June, more exactly, the sales across the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Minecraft have passed 54 million, while the PC version was passing the 20 million-sales mark.

Those who are playing Minecraft for the first time should know that this is a sandbox construction game which was developed by Markus Persson, the Mojang AB founder, who was inspired by Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper games. In this game, the players will place and break blocks in a three-dimensional environment. They will build villages and play either in Creative (creating structures from scratch) and Survival mode (steal resources from other players, fight with their armies) or both of them in multiplayer.

Telltale Games has released Minecraft: Story Mode in October 2015, with a similar storytelling gameplay style, then Episode 3 was launched in November and the next episode (the latest) arrived on December 22, as a Christmas gift.

The developer is updating and tweaking the game very often, and the PC versions have priority over the console versions. Also, there is a Pocket Edition that can be played on mobile devices.

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