All Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Apps of 2015 in the U.S. Belong to Facebook, Google and Apple

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The continuing growth in the use of smartphones keeps benefiting a number of major companies in the tech world; this is according to a new study report by Nielsen.

Nielsen recently revealed the list of the most used mobile apps in the U.S. and on this list, the top 10 are owned by three major tech companies namely Facebook, Google and Apple. These are three have been competing for a long time now and seeing them on this list isn’t such a surprise. However, the order in which they appear is just what might be interesting.

2015 saw an increased usage in mobile apps, especially social networking applications. With such huge user bases, these three companies have the ability to make huge revenues from these apps if the right factors are combined. However, each of them has its secret ingredient as far as achieving this success is concerned.

Facebook Inc.

Facebook is, without a doubt, the leading provider of social networking services in the world. Its services and nature of doing business are a little bit different from what Google and Apple employ – it has no smartphone and a smartphone OS on offer. As a result, it finds itself on the losing end since Apple and Google can easily preinstall dozens of their apps on iOS and Android devices respectively.

Even with this disadvantage on its shoulders, Facebook still managed to top the list with three apps: the Facebook mobile app, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The three apps came in at positions 1, 3 and eight respectively. This is huge for Facebook given that the mobile space is considered the hottest market now.

At the moment, Instagram has over 400 million users; Messenger has over 700 million users; while the main Facebook app has over 1 billion users across the globe.


Google is the owner of the most popular mobile operating system – Android. This OS ran on more than 50% of all U.S. smartphones and given that it comes with a bunch of its apps preinstalled on Android-powered devices, its apps dominate the top 10 list with a representation of five.

Preinstalled Google apps such as Google Search (4), Google Play (5), Maps (6) as well as Gmail (7) were all over the Nielsen’s list of the most popular apps in the country. On the other hand, the company’s video sharing platform – YouTube – came in second just behind Facebook. However, the latter had a lead of over 30% against runners-up, which is a massive difference.


Apple happens to be the lowest ranked tech giant on the list with its apps coming in the last two positions. Apple Music took position 9, and it was closely followed by Apple Maps in position 10. The iPhone maker has done a lot for its mapping service. Even though it lacks some key features that Google Maps users boast of, it has grown its popularity on iOS more than Google Maps has.

The same story also faces Apple Music, which according to Nielsen, has seen more than 55 million unique subscriptions already.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that mobile phones represent the future. The growth in their use is a key factor in the success of these three business entities. Facebook and Google can agree that people no longer use their desktop services like they do with mobile services. As a result, it is a must they keep up with the current momentum to keep racking up more revenues in future. The same story also affects Apple; however, it gets tougher for Cupertino since it only depends on the sales of its in-house iPhones and iPads for the huge part of its revenue.

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