Best 5 Apps to Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Christmas is over, and as we gear ourselves towards launching the New Year 2016, there are probably dozens of resolutions we’ve come up with.

However, these resolutions are often something of a few days into the New Year; however, our team of editors wants to make them last more than just a few days. In the end, it is you who will determine whether to pursue the resolutions or not, but with the help of these best five apps, you can kick start your 2016 resolutions in style.

Whether you want to drop something you’ve been doing in the past year or maybe adapt to a new habit, we have lined up for you the best apps that will with no doubt help you with achieving your most desired objectives.

Become multi-lingual

The world has many different languages, and if you ever dreamt of learning more than what you already know, there is something just for you. You can enjoy using the Duolingo app on your Android or iOS smartphone and learn a variety of languages. All you need to do is to download and install the app and in your free time, just slip in a short lesson in the language of your choice.

Searching for a job?

As the New Year begins, you might want to reevaluate your position as far as employment is concerned. If in case you are happy with where you are, then this app is not for you. However, just in case your current boss frustrates you in some ways you don’t understand, try out the new Indeed app on iOS and Android. This popular job hunting website now offers its services on mobile, providing access to millions of job vacancies that can be browsed through with the help of filters such as salary and location, among others.

Quit a habit

Have you been drinking, smoking or partying too much? Well, there is a way out for you in the shape of quit that! This free app will help you stay away from any bad habits you want to drop by allowing you to enter what you want to quit and then start the clock. There is room for tagging the habit you want to quit with the price it costs per day and in a few days’ time, you will for sure notice some more savings in your pocket. Now, Quit That! Is currently available to iOS users only, but we expect Android users to get it sooner or later.

Getting into a new habit

Maybe you want to shed off some traits you’ve adopted all through 2015 and before and work on something new; there is no better app than Lift. With versions on both Android and iOS, you will be able to keep your positive goals close to you. The app allows you to keep an eye on your progress, get support from the community as well as celebrate your victories. While the app is free, you will have to make some in-app purchases to get the most out of it.

Check your nutrition

Our bodies are precious, and they should be kept so. However, not so many people really take great care of themselves, especially when it comes to what they eat. The good side of this story is that Fooducate for iOS and Android is here to help you make even better choices as far as what you take in is concerned.

The app allows users to scan barcodes of all products, and it shows them all the nutritional information it can obtain about the product, alongside other healthy alternatives. Even better, you will still use this same app to monitor your exercise and nutrition as well.

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  1. Bit of blatant self promotion here but I think Habit reCode is just as good (but different) as the Lift app.
    Habit reCode gives you daily coaching and daily accountability. If you fail to complete any one of the commitments it slugs you with a $2 forfeiture (per failure)….. still way cheaper than a coach.
    I would love your feedback if you decide to try 🙂
    Blatant self promotion over.

    All the best for 2016 everyone.

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