Gmail Drive Free Download and Install In Three Simple Steps

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Google launched Google Drive in 2012 and in just two years, there were already 240 million active users. The file storage allows the users to store their important files in the cloud, share them, edit documents or presentations, or spreadsheets. It’s the perfect solution when you have a hard drive with limited storage and you need to make some room to save more files. But what if you could use your Gmail account to store files? Gmail Drive can be easily installed on any device and here are the three steps that you must take to take advantage of this service.

Let’s say that you’re using Gmail to send and receive messages from your friends and collaborators. The email service offers 7,500 MB of data space, and most likely, you won’t use the entire space only for messages, so you can turn Gmail into a drive and store your files there (as attachments).

Initially, GMail Drive was only a free third-party Windows Shell ad-on for Gmail, and with it, the users could access virtual drive stored in their Gmail accounts. So, by enabling this ad-on, the users were seeing contents of their Gmail accounts as a new network share and using the standard Windows desktop file copy and paste commands, they were able to transfer files to/from their Gmail accounts.

Now, Gmail Drive is an experimental package, but not an official tool from Google, and you can install it from the Gmail Drive website, but you will do it at your own risk. So, after downloading the zip file, extract it and install it. You will find Gmail Drive installed in My Computer2, but you will need to create a filer and a label which you’ll name Gmail Drive, but you can choose another name that you like and remember. Everything with “GMAILFS” will be put in the subject, into the label, but it’s recommended to skip the “inbox”, so your inbox won’t be filled with other Gmail Drive stuff.

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