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Just Not Sorry, The New Gmail Plugin That Highlights Words That Undermine Your Message.

This plugin for Gmail that was created by Tami Reiss, Steve Brudz, and Manish Kakwani (Cyrus Innovation) will warn you when you’re using words which undermine your message, so this “tool” will underline any word that shows that you’re lacking confidence in yourself.

Many women who work in big companies tend to use words and phrases like “sorry” or “I’m no expert” in their messages, and these verbal mistakes don’t make them effective communicators, so their business partners or potential investors don’t take them seriously. So, if a company can’t make money because of a poor communication, then instead of firing the secretary or dissolving the company because of the financial problems, then you should consider trying this method, which will solve at least the communication problem.

The “Just Not Sorry” plugin for Gmail will help you “correct” your language and you will no longer give the impression that you’re under-qualified and vulnerable. This tool was necessarily created for women, since they’re usually discriminated at work for being more “emotional”. Men can have this problem with low esteem and can make a fool of themselves anytime so, with the help of “Just Not Sorry”, they will avoid using words that undermine their messages.

This plugin was updated on January 5 and the file has a size of around 95Kb. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store, where you’ll find an example of a message that contains underlined words such as “just”, “sorry”, “think” or the “I’m no expert” phrase. When hovering over these expressions, you will understand why it’s wrong to use them.

But, even if this extension might be very helpful, it has a list of words that it detects and highlights, no matter how you’re using them. For example, the word “just” is usually used to announce an important person that you’ve sent a package via currier some time ago. The extension will believe that the word “just” is undermining the message. This is why its creators will need to improve “Just Not Sorry”, to train it not to underline the words included to the list, if they’re used in specific phrases.

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