Gmail Users Will No Longer Need a Password to Access Their Email Account

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Gmail was unveiled on April 1, 2004, and since then; this Google-owned email service provider has racked up more than 600 million users, more than ten years down the line.

Google’s email service came in and took over from the likes of Yahoo and Outlook with super amazing and unique offerings, among them the ability to chat with friend’s right from within the email. Lots of changes have hit the service over this period and at the moment, it not just available as a web service, but also as a mobile app.

Online security has grown to be a very crucial aspect of all internet users. Hackers are a huge threat to the safety of online services such as email providers and social networking platforms as far as passwords are concerned. Because of this, many companies have been working hard on implementing the two-factor authentication method to boost the security of user accounts. Google has been at the center of this campaign, but according to the latest reports, it seems the company wants to eliminate the need for passwords on Google account holders.

How it works

The new method, which is reportedly being tested by the search engine giant, will let users make use of a mobile phone to log into the main desktop account. Now, this test is being carried out on a small section of users that Google has specifically invited for this purpose. If this is successful, the stress of having to remember the complex passwords we assign these accounts will now be over, a move that will fir sure be deemed relieving by many.

According to sources close to the development, the new authentication method will require that users, first of all, authenticate their phones such that it can be used as an authentication tool. Once you have entered your Gmail address in the field provided, a message will pop up on your phone asking you to go ahead and authenticate the newly launched session on the desktop. Once you acknowledge this pop-up message, the log-in page on the desktop proceeds with the process as if you’ve manually entered the password as usual.

This update is expected to hit the Android and iOS platforms at the same time since reports claim that the current tests are being carried out on both.

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