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If you remember, back in November 2014, WhatsApp introduced the Read Receipts feature, which allowed the senders to know if their messages have been read by their friends, but one week later, the developers brought an update which made this feature optional (the users were able to disable it). But there are many other methods that can help the users to be “invisible” on WhatsApp, to enjoy their privacy without being bothered by annoying contacts.

Hiding The Last Seen

Let’s say that you have some very talkative friends who bother you everything they see you online. And if they find out that you logged into your account, but you didn’t say Hi to them, they will scold you and make you feel guilty for being such a bad friend. To avoid these moments, it’s better to hide the Last Seen status, by going to Settings, and under the Privacy tab you’ll change it to “Nobody”.

Hiding The Status

You will do exactly like you’ve done with the Last Seen feature, so you’ll follow the same steps: Settings > Privacy > Status > Nobody. Now, nobody will know that you are online.

Hiding The Profile Photo

There are stalkers and weirdoes that are looking for victims and if they see that you’re a beautiful woman, they won’t stop harassing you. This is why it’s indicated to hide your profile photo by going to Settings > Privacy > Profile Photo and choosing Nobody.

Disable Blue Ticks

This is the feature we were talking about in the intro, and the blue ticks appear on your friends’ phones, when you’re reading their WhatsApp messages. If you’re curious to find out what they’ve wrote, but don’t want them to know that you’ve checked their messages, go to Account > Privacy and uncheck Read Receipts box.

Snoozing Or Pausing WhatsApp

Only the Android users benefit from this feature, and to stop receiving messages for a while, the users will go to Apps > WhatsApp > Force Stop. This means that the application will be temporarily frozen, even if you’re connected to the internet.

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