HTC’s Vive Virtual Reality Headset Gets a New Version


The new version of Vive, the virtual reality headset that HTC has developed in conjunction with Valve, has received a new version.

The new version comes in to take care of a problem that is being experienced by enthusiasts of this booming technology. In the past, it has been unable for people to see any object in the real world outside the VR environment. Now that Vive is here, you will no longer need to remove the headset in order to catch up with what’s happening around you.

The Vive made its debut last year but it seems the two companies have a new set of hardware to showcase this year. At the time of launching the first gen headset, only Facebook-owned Oculus Rift posed a huge threat as far as VR is concerned. However, more players are now in the industry, among them Microsoft and Google. The new version of the Vive VR headset will be unveiled to the public this coming April.

The new Vive VR headset addresses one current VR discomfort

As mentioned at the beginning, the current setting of VR headsets does not allow those donning the device to see what is happening around their real world. However, this is about to change with HTC’s latest addition to the VR world.

The new headset has a front-facing snapper that has been installed purposely to help those wearing the device to easily blend their physical and VR world. In this way, you will be sure of not walking into furniture or even bumping into other people who are within your surroundings.

According to HTC, the 2nd-gen Vive headset will ensure that you can take a seat, find a drink and even proceed with a conversation in the real world without the need of taking off your VR headset. In addition, the OEM also claims that the new piece of hardware offers a more compact experience as opposed to its predecessor.

HTC and Valve have also worked around the device’s controllers as well as give the device a fresh design. You will come across softer edges, grip pads, textured buttons, haptic feedback as well as a dual-stage trigger that is aimed at making life easier when interacting with different objects.

Tougher competitors

When Valve and HTC came together to unveil the first-gen Vive headset competition was still subtle. Things have changed over time and as we speak, Oculus VR’s first VR headset, the Oculus Rift, has already begun taking preorders for the goggles. Samsung and Google are also deep into VR, something that should frighten HTC.

HTC has not revealed the details of when to expect the final consumer version, however, reports suggest that the gadget will need a wired connection in order to get rid of latency.

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