WhatsApp for Windows 10 Brings Performance Tweaks, Removes Loading Screens

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WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile has received a new beta version that brings no new features, but users will definitely enjoy the performance enhancements the update brings to the fold.

There is no doubt that the Windows app is not at par with its Android and iOS counterparts, however, Facebook has really been working its way to ensure the app has the same features as those being enjoyed on other platforms.

WhatsApp runs a beta program for the users of Windows smartphones where they can access some of the latest features brought in by the developers before a public version is revealed. The good side of the story is that once the beta version is availed, it takes less than a few weeks to launch the stable version.

No new features, one important improvement added

While most people are used to the fact that a new version brings in new features, this is not the case with the latest version of WhatsApp. The app has no new feature, but it brings one major improvement to the users of Windows 10 Mobile.

The developers have finally gotten rid of the loading screen such that the users of the app will no longer have to wait for a few seconds from the time the app is launched to the time it loads the chats or rather home screen. In short, the app’s performance is now much faster than before; an improvement that will ensure there is no waiting time when resuming or loading screens.

As mentioned earlier, the new beta version of the app brings no new features. Unlike the Android version which has been receiving quite a number of visual changes, the latest Windows 10 version has no such additions. However, in case you notice anything in the new version, feel free to mention it via the comments section.

Windows 10 Mobile was unveiled towards the end of last year and as of now; the stable version of the app has yet to get every feature that other platforms have. Nonetheless, we expect to see additional features come to this version in the next few weeks, among them a new user interface and maybe a video calling feature. The idea of adding these new features is to bring WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile on similar terms as the versions being used on Android and iOS devices.

One thing you need to know is that not every person using the new Microsoft mobile OS can access the beta version of the new WhatsApp. Instead, the app is only available to those who have signed up to be part of the beta testing program. If you aren’t, just sit back and relax for the stable version is not that far away from launch.

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  1. Which WhatsApp are you talking about because I have the latest production version 308 installed and I still see loading when I launch for first time on a L950XL. Maybe it’s better for those on WP8.1 but for those on W10M the experience is still poor. When this is converted to UWP, then we’ll talk about true performance improvement.

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