Yahoo Shutters its Screen Video Service


Netflix and Hulu will be relieved to learn that Yahoo has finally decided to close down its video service that was meant to compete with the two.

This is just another of the many recent changes that Yahoo has been undergoing under CEO Marissa Mayer. News of this sudden move by the tech giant started showing up sometime last week and now it has been confirmed that the video hub will be closing down.

Yahoo had made huge investments as far as Yahoo Screen is concerned; however, none of these deals were close to realization. In fact, ComScore revealed that the number of U.S. citizens visiting Yahoo Screen declined 28% beginning October 2013 to October 2015.

Yahoo is still in the video business as ever

The fact that Yahoo has decided to shutter Yahoo Screen services doesn’t meant the company will also be doing away with its video properties. They will instead be relocated to different places across the entire ecosystem. A Yahoo spokesperson said that the company’s video content will be transitioned from the closed Yahoo screen to the in-house Digital Magazine properties such that the users can now discover complementary content easily.

The end of Yahoo Screen is disastrous to the company that once dominated the world tech market with lots of offerings that include search engine services, email services and many others. In fact, this is just one of the many initiatives that have stumbled during the current CEO’s tenure. Just recently, the company was planning to spin-off its stake in Alibaba, but somewhere along the way the plan was abandoned.

While it will be quite bold to say that this company is headed for closure, one thing that is true is that it has failed to cope up with the power and innovation of major tech giants in the business such as Google and Facebook. These two have taken the world by storm and in fact, they have had a hand to play in the latest woes facing Yahoo as far as the video battle is concerned.

Is Yahoo Messenger the savior?

Yahoo recently unveiled a chat app known as Yahoo Messenger. This app comes in a world where the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Snapchat, just to name but few, have already taken their places. It will be quite challenging for the company to come in and quickly gain traction with this messaging app.

In fact, some think it’s a waste of time as they already have enough apps installed on their devices. However, the company behind it thinks otherwise – that the app’s uniqueness will help drive users to the platform. In addition to the usual messaging, voice and video calling services, Yahoo Messenger has come in with the ability to ‘unsend’ messages you sent to someone by mistake, send bulk photos as well as cut short the time taken between sending a message and when it is delivered to a recipient’s device, among others.

It will be quite interesting to see how this messaging app stands against the household names in the industry as 2016 fares on.

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