What’s Up with the iPhone 7? Release Date and Specs

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It hasn’t even been a year since the iPhone 6S had been released on the market, and already iPhone 7 is looming on the horizon. So you’d be forgiven for cussing Apple because that iPhone you just recently bought would soon be yesterday’s smartphone. So if you want to brag about your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S Plus, you might want to do it now that people are still speculating about the next model that will be released in 2016.  Because as soon as it is confirmed when it will be rolled out, no one would want to hear about your old iPhone model.

But here’s the good news, many believe that the iPhone 7’s release date will be the same time as with iPhone 6, which is likely to be September of this year. This should give you enough time to enjoy your iPhone 6 before the itch to get your hands on an iPhone 7 becomes unbearable.

Why unbearable?

  • Based on how Apple priced their previous iPhone models, the cost of iPhone 7 is likely to be just a tad expensive, but with more amazing features. This means depreciation of your iPhone would be rapid and going downhill.
  • iPhone 7 will have hardware innovations not seen on previous models, such as water resistance. If Apple really wants to catch up with Samsung’s market share, they need to make major improvements with the next model. A waterproof frame is a good start.
  • There are reports that the next iPhone will have 3 GB RAM. Yes, it would be faster and better than ever.
  • With the 3.5mm headphone jack port out of the picture, iPhone 7 would be a lot skinnier. We can all pause for a moment to remember our beloved headphone port, but there’s no need to mourn long because it will be replaced with noise cancelling lightning headphones.
  • The iPhone 7 will feature wireless charging, which is pretty self-explanatory, except that the technology behind it is simply mind blowing. But hey, this is Apple we are talking about. If there is any company that can do wonders, they can.
  • The next model of iPhone would have the built-in Touch ID. Finally! Has anyone seen what the iPhone 7 will look like? If the Touch ID would be really embedded on it, then it would look quite different from the previous models, especially if the home button would be integrated to the glass. Imagine your fingerprint being read through Gorilla Glass. The technology already exists, after all. The implementation is all that needs to be done.
  • Beats Electronics, a subsidiary of Apple, is said to be developing lightning earphones for the iPhone 7, which might be called Airpods. It would be completely wireless, with hands-free operations and built-in microphones for noise cancellation.

Now you know why not owning an iPhone 7 would be unbearable once it is released on the market. With such amazing features, you are likely to be repeatedly chanting in your head, “I go to have it”. Well, why not?

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