WhatsApp Plus v3.90 MOD APK Free Download Available

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WhatsApp is not the most perfect application and one year ago, the internet was invaded by clones with additional features, which made many WhatsApp users to migrate to other illegal applications such as WhatsApp Plus. And there were big problems with WhatsApp Plus, as after a while, it was removed from the Google Play store and its users were banned from WhatsApp’s servers, but the developers found ways to release ban-free versions. So, if you’re disappointed with WhatsApp, give WhatsApp Plus a chance, by installing its v3.90 MOD version.

WhatsApp Plus allows you to customize pretty much everything, such as its colors, background image, themes etc, the maximum upload limit is 50MB, compared to 16 MB – as WhatsApp is offering, and the image is sent with its original quality and size. Likewise WhatsApp, this application is ad free, but after one year of use, it won’t charge you annually for keeping your account active. There are lots of themes to choose from and you can also download others from the internet. Some other features include partial copy/paste from texts, in order to send that portion to your contacts, quick share (music) is another cool feature that depends on one click and by hiding profile pictures, the users will be protected against weirdoes with obsessions. Also, you can directly watch status from the chat screen.

It’s extremely simple to install WhatsApp Plus v3.90 MOD APK on an Android smartphone, as you will save the file from the internet and install it after taking a backup of your chats and broadcast lists from WhatsApp and deleting the official application. There are some instructions on the screen which you will need to follow, so to accept the installation, just tap the “Accept” button. Congrats! You’ve just installed the modded WhatsApp Plus on your device and you can continue to chat with your old buddies from WhatsApp.

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