How To Improve Your User Experience On WhatsApp

WhatsApp Improvements

We don’t need to make an introduction for WhatsApp, the messaging application with 1 billion active users, which is available across multiple mobile platforms. Everyday, many people are convinced by their friends to register to WhatsApp, but they waste a lot of time learning more about this application and its features, instead of searching on the internet for information about it. So, if you’re reading this article, then you’re here because you want to know how to get the most out of WhatsApp.

How To Hide Your Last Seen, Profile Image And Status

There are harmless people with common sense, who chat with you only if you salute them, but there are also strangers who become obsessed with you after seeing your profile photo in the group chat where you’ve been added and they start harassing you for no reason. So, it is indicated to not let stranger know how you look like, because the less information you offer, the safer you’ll be. To hide the profile image, tap the Options icon from the top right side of the screen, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile photo and set its visibility to Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody. Take the same steps for hiding the Last Seen or Status.

WhatsApp Images Appear In Your Camera Roll? Stop Them!

Some people are just bored and to fill the time, they send stupid pictures to you. The problem is that these photos get mixed with your personal images, appearing in the camera roll. In order to stop this, you will need to get a file explorer (ES File Explorer), then after installing it, go to sdcard/WhatsApp/Media and access the folder that you don’t want to share (WhatsApp Images). At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a plus button on which you’ll tap and you’ll create a new folder which you’ll name .nomedia. Thanks to this folder, all media saved from WhatsApp will no longer show up in your camera roll.

Switch Chat History Between Smartphones

When switching from a phone to another, many users lose their chat history because they don’t know how to move it over to the new device. Don’t worry, if you’re not using the Google Drive backup option, then you can save all your chats to a microSD card and insert it into the new phone. So, first go to your old device’s Settings > Chats and calls > Back up chats and after installing WhatsApp on the new device and inserting the SD card into it, the phone will detect the backup and you will be able to restore it.

Sending Private Messages In Bulk

Messages sent to contacts in groups will be seen by everyone, so if you want to send out a message only one or more persons, use the Broadcast feature. If you see the three dots from the top right, representing the Options icon, tap on it. Now, select New broadcast and enter the names of the contacts that will receive your private message, tap on Create, write the text, then tap on Send.

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