LG G4 Android Marshmallow Update

After Google released the 6.0 Marshmallow update to their Android OS a few months ago, LG has been working hard to ensure that their G4 users get it first (after Google’s Nexus series of course). The long wait for that Marshmallowy goodness may soon be over… hopefully.

Rumors are floating around about the Marshmallow release date for LG G4 for United States carriers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, and T-Mobile, but there has been nothing set in stone as of yet. LG may only be one company trying to bring Android Marshmallow to its users as quickly as possible, but the long wait could be almost over.

Google released the Android 6.0 Marshmallow software back on October 5th, and the LG G4, the first non-Nexus device to receive the update, got it just a few weeks later. About two weeks after Google rolled out the upgrade last October, there were reports of its arrival in Poland. Ever since, the US has been waiting for its arrival, but with this news in mind, soon enough it will arrive for LG G4.

The actual release date can vary though depending on the specific carrier. For example, Sprint is reported to have received Android 6.0 around the middle of December. But don’t worry, this means other carriers should be sending out the upgrade relatively soon as well. Today, more US carriers are delivering Android 6.0 Marshmallow. US Cellular confirmed it has already begun rolling out the upgrade to its users. Since Verizon usually send out its updates around the same time as US Cellular, this could be a sign they’ll be up next, but nothing has been announced yet.

However, LG G4 users will get the update first and foremost. It’s estimated that the G3 may receive it in about two or three weeks though, meaning Marshmallow should be here very, very soon for G4 users. Estimates and expectations all point to Android 6.0 Marshmallow being here for all US carriers before the end of the month, and there are tips that the target launch is set approximately as early as February 1st for LG G4 users and for LG G3 the following month.

There are some other LG devices planning to take advantage of the Marshmallow update as well, including the LG G3, LG G4 Stylo, the LG G Flex 2, and the LG V10 as well as some tablets.

As the perspective dates are always likely to change, and are not set in stone, LG G4 could be receiving an over the air update in the next coming days, so keep a look out!

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