Downloading WhatsApp on Samsung Budget Phones


When it comes to easy, affordable and fast communication, be it chatting, calling, sharing countless pictures, videos or recordings, WhatsApp has emerged as the most popular and widely favoured messenger application for smartphone users. According to recent statistics, WhatsApp messenger now has more than 300 million users all over the globe. So, no matter how many oceans and miles away your friends and family have gone off to, WhatsApp will keep you connected with them anytime and anywhere you feel like talking to them.

With its great and indispensable utility, it is great news that WhatsApp is now compatible with all major operating systems, for instance, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Samsung, and Android among others. When it comes to smart phone invention and innovation, Samsung truly takes away the game as even its smartly budgeted phones are equipped with efficient and superior quality operating systems which afford all connectivity and WiFi supported applications such as the WhatsApp messenger, which is free for all Samsung users out there!

Most smartly budgeted Samsung mobile devices are equipped with the Android operating systems, and therefore, they are extremely well-compatible with all versions of WhatsApp. Moreover, thanks to the Android operating system, your WhatsApp messenger will undergo 2-3 updates every week to provide you a more enhanced, immersive and enjoyable chatting and communicating experience. The download process is incredibly simple and easy, all you have to do is follow a few basic steps, and your messenger will be installed in literally less than two minutes!

The messenger is absolutely free, and for a period of one year, you can enjoy a free trial use, however, following this period you will incur an annual payment of $0.99. At such a meagre price, you get unlimited calls, messages and photo or video sharing for as long as you want, all you need is a sound and good internet connection.

Listed below are some simple and easy steps that will help you download and install the WhatsApp messenger on all your low-priced Samsung devices:

  • Begin by opening the Samsung application of Play Store
  • Use the search option to find WhatsApp
  • Once the results appear, select the first option
  • When it opens, you will see that below all the technical specs, descriptions and reviews, there is a download button.
  • By clicking on the download button, WhatsApp will begin downloading in your device.
  • Once the download is complete, open the application.
  • Carefully follow all instructions, and patiently wait for the download to proceed.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will be required to provide a number for your WhatsApp account.
  • When you have verified the number, your contacts will be updated and you can begin chatting with all your loved ones.

Remember: Before you begin your download, make sure that your phone has more than 4MB free space, along with a secure WiFi connection. If you are facing connectivity issues, your WhatsApp messenger will not be installed.

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