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Even though BlackBerry recently announced that it will no longer be releasing new devices in 2016 that run on its native BlackBerry 10 operating system, it doesn’t mean those currently using this OS cannot receive updates of the most popular messaging and calling app WhatsApp.

The Facebook-owned chat app has unveiled another rare update to the BB10 OS, shifting the usual focus on iOS and Android to this forsaken mobile operating system. Despite BlackBerry’s continued usage in governments and related institutions, it has been taking a slow growth on the usage of typical consumers.

WhatsApp wants to ensure that the few people who still value the security offered on this operating system can still enjoy some of the latest offerings on the app. At least, this group will feel not neglected by both BlackBerry and the tech world in general.

Update is WhatsApp beta

The new version rolled out to BlackBerry 10 users is WhatsApp and it still in beta version. To get this version, you can head to the BlackBerry Beta Zone and get it – it’s just 20.8 MB in size. According to the change log provided by the developers of the app, it seems quite some additions will be coming to this platform once the stable version is rolled out.

The list includes additional support for WhatsApp Web features such as the latest emojis as well as a display of Message Info, among others; added support for rich link previews on shared WhatsApp messages, improved organization of phone numbers on the official Contact Info page.

Other improvements that the developers have sneaked in the new version of WhatsApp for BlackBerry include elimination of the auto backup feature that goes on even when in the middle of a voice call, fixed issues related to connection through proxy servers in addition to many other miscellaneous updates and bug fixes to improve the functionality and performance of the app.

How to download WhatsApp beta on BB10

To get this new version of WhatsApp beta installed on your BB10-powered smartphone, you will, first of all, have to register with the company’s Beta Zone. Once you get a Beta Zone account, you can join the more than 400,000 people that are already members of this program in testing new apps before they are availed to the public.

WhatsApp is a free to download and use the app, however, this free license only lasts for a year. Once the first year of usage expires, the company will charge you $0.99 annually, unless you want to quit using it. With its growing popularity and an imminent launch of a video calling service, you don’t want to be missing on the best offerings yet from the most popular communications app across the globe.

The BB version of WhatsApp has been receiving numerous updates in the recent months, but these updates have only been reaching the Beta testers. Hopefully, the developers will soon be rolling out these new features, enhancements and fixes to the stable version very soon.

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