5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Features that Will Make You Buy It

Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to be launched about three weeks from now, during the MWC 2016 event in Barcelona, Spain.

This phone, as you all know, comes in as a successor to last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6. Recently, Samsung predicted that the love for smartphones is going to decline in this 2016. Surprisingly, the same prediction has been brought forward by Apple in the case of the iPhone.

Nonetheless, the two rivals are still expected to showcase their expertise in the smartphone industry by rolling out 2016 flagships. As it has become a norm, the South Korean tech giant usually comes in first with its line of Samsung Galaxy S devices. The same is expected to happen this year as the company plans to unveil the successor to last year’s flagship.

The Galaxy S7 will be unveiled during the February 22 event, but it will hit the shelves a few weeks later, maybe in early April.

When it comes to features, quite some details have gone public about what to expect when this phone is released. Numerous leaks have been doing the rounds over the internet; however, things have recently heightened with leaks of renders of the phone coming from South Korea. To make the matters sweeter, @evleaks is back into the fold with his leaks regarding this device.

Speaking of the Galaxy S7, here are 5 features that will make you want to own this phone once it is unveiled.

Battery life improvements

Samsung will reportedly be installing a non-removable battery unit to the Galaxy S7, just like it did with the previous model. The phone will carry a 3000mAh unit, which when compared to the 2550mAh that was installed in the S6; it gives a 20% improvement. If you are, however, a fan of the removable battery, you may want to look out for the upcoming LG G5, which will reportedly come with a detachable module to allow for swapping of batteries.

Water resistance

With an IP67 rating, it means the Galaxy S7 will be water resistant and dustproof, something the Galaxy S6 never had. The last time Samsung used this technology in its flagships was with the Galaxy S5 – 2014’s flagship. However, this dropped when the company switched from plastic to metallic bodies, something that some manufacturers such as HTC have claimed takes care of the water resistance and dustproof part.

MicroSD card is back

Apple has enjoyed success with the iPhone despite the device coming without expandable storage slot. According to Apple, external storages reduce the performance of the phone when compared to using internal storages. This prompted Samsung to drop the microSD card on the Galaxy S6, something that not so many people enjoyed.

The good news is that the Galaxy S7 will be coming with this feature. What this means is that you won’t have to buy the costlier 128GB model just so as to have more storage, instead, you can buy the cheaper 32GB model and upgrade the memory up to 128GB.

4GB of RAM

The latest reports claim that Samsung will stack a 4GB RAM in the upcoming version of Galaxy S7, an improvement from last year’s 3GB. With such a huge RAM, in addition to using the new and much better Snapdragon 820, expect top performance from the next Samsung Galaxy S series flagship.


One thing you need to know is that quality cameras are not always equipped with more megapixels. This is something that Apple has proved over time and again and it seems Samsung wants to take this channel.

Samsung will use a 12MP rear snapper in the Galaxy S7, which replaces the 16MP used in the previous model. This lens will use the company’s BRITECELL technology to ensure more light enters even in poor lighting conditions thanks to the f/1.7 aperture. This snapper, according to Forbes, will also allow it stay flush to the phone’s body.

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