Samsung Galaxy S7 to Come with Hybrid Dual-SIM Slot for Expandable Storage

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Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors and speculations are all over the web, thanks to the fact that the device is expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

If all goes well, the Galaxy S7 will be unveiled during the MWC 2016 event in Barcelona beginning February 24. Just like last year’s flagship, this year’s model is not expected to bring some new features as well as advancements from the previous version.

News has it that Samsung will be retaining the metallic design it adopted for the Galaxy S6, a move that saw the phone earns lots of comparisons with Apple’s iPhone. There is also word that we might see a Galaxy S7 with an IP67 rating, meaning it will be both water resistant and dust proof.

Support for microSD card to return with Galaxy S7

Samsung went the Apple way when it dropped support for microSD cards in the current line of flagships. The company deemed this as a way of beating the iPhone competition, but as it seems, it only made things worse for the South Korean smartphone maker.

Upon realizing that this was a terrible mistake, reports from Korea claim that Samsung will be installing a microSD card slot on the new Galaxy S7 and its other variants so as to ensure users get enough storage despite of the model in use, be it the base or upper model. There is also word that Samsung might only include this expandable memory slot in the base models and leave the upper (128GB) models free of this slot.

But what if this slot is hidden somewhere else? Well, the latest reports from the company’s home country say that we might see a Galaxy S7 with dual-SIM hybrid port. Using this port, it will be possible for users to choose between using two SIM cards or using the same port for two different purposes – the SIM card and a microSD card. This is the same thing that is seen on the Galaxy A series of 2015 phones, however, the 2016 upgrades reverted to the single-port technology.

While there is no doubt that this might be possible, please do take it with a grain of salt due to fear of disappointments. Nonetheless, it would be a great addition that will keep hardware designers on toes for they will have to ensure their products are in line with this technology.

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