When is iOS 10 Release Date? Rumors and Possible Features

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iOS 9 was officially released in September 2015 and for sure, it has only been on our iPhones and iPads for just a few months.

However, considering the fact that Apple unveiled this OS in June last year, it is possible that we will see another announcement of the next iOS 10 during this year’s WWDC. So, what will Apple bring this time?

Here’s a look at the rumors, speculations and possible features that we expect to see in the upcoming version of iOS 10, including its release date.

iOS 10 release date

Just like last year’s iOS 9, we expect the new version of iOS 10 to be released somewhere in September 2016. Apple has had the trend of showcasing what its new and upcoming OS is all about, during the annual WWDC event that is usually held in California.

After a short while, developers will then be allowed to get an iOS 10 beta version in order to begin their tests with apps so as to ensure they work perfectly. As far as we are concerned, the WWDC 2016 event will be hosted in the usual place – San Francisco’s Moscone Center. If this is the case, a quick look at the center’s website reveals that in the month of June, only one week – beginning 12th– will be free from any events. It is during this week that we expect Apple to hold its annual developers event and thus announce the new iOS 10.

Rumored features of iOS 10

Rumors are already doing rounds regarding this new OS despite the fact that Apple never allows details of its upcoming products get loose.

iOS is known for its secure and protective nature. However, smart users have been able to find ways to root iPhones and iPads in order to gain full access to manipulate the device in a process known as jailbreaking. Word has it that Apple is working on making iOS 10 Rootless, which means that it will be impossible to jailbreak the OS.

There is news that Apple is working on an iCloud Voicemail which will be able to talk to your contacts when they call you, helping with the transcription of voicemail messages to text with the help of Siri.

We might also see some new introductions as far as stock apps are concerned, with reports that a Home app is in the making. Here, you will find all of Apple’s newest efforts with respect to Homekit. You will be able to control all smart home appliances from one central point. This is basically the same thing the company did with the Health app, where you will find every data as far as your fitness gadgets are concerned.

Apple recently filed a patent describing a system that is able to detect where your buddies are, their availability for talking over the phone as well as their phone’s status. As a result of this, we expect to see changes or rather improvements in the Find My Friends app.

Apple will with no doubt improve the capabilities of 3D Touch and add in more options to make it more useful to a broader audience.

iOS 10 compatibility

Apple has issues with the users of iPhone 4S with respect to the iOS 9 updates. As a result, the Cupertino Company is facing possible charges. One of the major implications of this is that the upcoming iOS 10 will probably be unavailable for the owners of this device.

Other possible victims of this new update will be iPad 2 users, however, anything newer than this is expected to be on the iOS 10 bandwagon.

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