Why and How to Update Your Adobe Flash Player

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When it comes to Adobe Flash Player, the name is known across the globe for its part in changing the internet forever, whether it be in the shape of simple animations, complete games or perhaps the ever famous Flash-based embedded media player on websites to play audio and video files alike, regardless of its long list of applications, Adobe Flash Player can currently be found in pretty much every personal computer.

Flash Player updates and what they mean for you

Every few weeks you might get a notification on your computer, that the latest Flash version is available for download and that you should update to it as soon as possible, this process doesn’t take too long, the download does depend on the speed of your internet connection but in its entirety, it shouldn’t take any longer than a few minutes on a good internet connection.

But why are there so many updates for Flash? What is so important that there need to be so many different update to a software which we use every single day, yet most of these updates have nothing to do with the performance and features that we’re being provided?

The answer is simple, security.

Due to the fact that Adobe Flash is used for a long and diverse list of purposes, simple vulnerabilities in the software can lead to some serious security concerns, a similar update was released in early October 2015, where hackers would be able to take control of a target’s computer, this vulnerability itself was only used on a small scale but it could still lead to some serious damages, the vulnerability required a user to be targeted to be affected so if you’re not on someone’s list, you had nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, minor security fixes as well as bug fixes are rolled out all the time, since Flash needs to be able to run on almost any computer, it also has to be compatible with the latest software as well as hardware that’s running in said computers, due to this reason, it’s always a good idea to update to the latest version as soon as its available.

The update process

As far as updating Flash goes, it’s no tough task. You’ll simply get a prompt to update as soon as a new update is available, you’ll have the choice to go through with the update right now or to do it later, the hassle comes in when you have to close browsers or simply, wait for the update to download, which might even take a while depending on your internet connection.

In all honesty though, it’s recommended to update and simply wait the couple of minutes in case your internet connection is slow, if you happen to not be sure whether or not you have the latest Flash version, you can visit this page to get your hands on it.

  1. You give very poor, ill informed advice. Flash is on the way out and for good
    reason. It’s too risky to run and Adobe can’t keep up with the endless
    new bugs. Google just yesterday announced it’s abolishing Flash on
    its entire ad system, AdWords and DoubleClick. Google already killed
    Flash in Chrome. They’ve banned it on Youtube where it was once the
    only video mechanism. And Facebook has killed their own usage of
    Flash. Flash is as good as dead, but any stragglers who keep using it
    in other scenarios can get hit with some exploit and have all their
    files encrypted for a ransom in Bitcoin. Why take the chance?
    Uninstall Flash ASAP. While you’re at it check if you also have Java
    installed (not Javascript, different thing) and give it the heave-ho
    (unless you have to play Minecraft, in which case you may be safe because
    you never visit risky websites since all you ever do is play
    Minecraft, except to use the toilet)

    1. I realize flash is supposed to be short-lived but there are still lots of sites (NOT porn) that use it. I don’t know if thiese people live in caves, but they aren’t updating to html5 fast enouch.

      Why are you recommending to drop java? There are lots of non-internet apps that use it.

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