WhatsApp 2.12.441 Stable Version Download Available with Upside Down Face

The developers of WhatsApp have thought about the couples who are celebrating the Valentine’s day, by offering them a new emoji that they can use to express their affection: the heart exclamation mark. This is one of the new emojis that have been introduced on the latest stable version of WhatsApp for Android. WhatsApp 2.12.441 has started rolling out to the users worldwide, but it can be also downloaded from the Google Play Store.

It’s been a while since the developers of WhatsApp have released a new stable version for Android, and they decided to surprise the users with version 2.12.441, which was uploaded to the Google Play store a few days ago. This update brought all the emojis that have been released two months ago for the beta version for Android and the panel contains: the famous middle finger, the upside down face, nerd and robot faces, a popcorn box, a champagne bottle, a unicorn, a turkey, burrito, hotdog, taco and the religious people will see many familiar places as emojis. But the most expected emoji was the heart exclamation mark, which was added just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If the update hasn’t rolled out yet to your device, you can manually install it from the Google Play store, but WhatsApp hasn’t provided any changelog for it, so we don’t know if there are other significant changes. However, if you want to know the difference between this stable version and the beta launch, well, you’ll see that the emojis can be viewed at the chat panel’s left portion and right up front.

Recently, one of WhatsApp’s beta versions increased the number of the members of a group chat, from 100 to 256. But, the most important change is the removal of the annual fee of $0.99, which was paid after the free trial period of one year was ending.

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