Adobe Flash Player Update Download Available Now

As always, they best app advice that anyone can give to a user is to always update the apps. While it may seem like it’s not that important if you don’t, that fact is that updates come with many security patches and fixes and not updating them could turn a less used app on your device into a liability or to even render an app that you use extensively, unusable.


One of those widely known apps that many of us use a lot and is usually problematic if it’s not updated is Adobe Flash Player. This app is a very common one that is used to view streaming video and audio content which is why it’s so important to update it.

There have been cases where Adobe Flash Player wasn’t updated and it became a liability in terms of device security. Not to mention that there have also been cases of hackers using vulnerability in the app to target high profile victims. In fact, recently, Adobe Systems has fixed 28 vulnerabilities discovered in Flash Player alone that could have been exploited by hackers.

It is also advisable to check for updates for Flash Player on the Adobe site in order to be absolutely sure that your version of Flash is the latest available one. The app is also distributed for free and this makes it all the more worthwhile to keep it up to date.

If you’ve checked the site and noticed that your device is not up to date, all you have to do is to press the ‘Install Now’ button. At some point during this process, you may see a message informing you that you can get an Optional Offer for downloading and installing other software while you’re updating Flash Player.

If you are not interested in that, just uncheck it and move on with the normal stages of installing an app to a PC or smartphone.

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