Clash Royale is plagued by bugs

Players are now desperate for a September update for the unique mobile game; Clash Royale has recently become bug riddled and it’s destroying the gameplay and the experience of the game.


Fans of the game have been creating long lists of the current issues within the game but some issues are more pressing than others.

According to some players, there are some issues with troop placement and the Mini Pekka troop is now broken; the troop is able to hit some units from a distance which shouldn’t be possible.

On top of this, the tournament chest timer is now automatically resetting while the card drop system seems to be completely broken.

Developer Supercell has already confirmed that the next update will address these issues however, they have also stated that there will be some changes to the balance of the game.


Some players are hoping that the update will arrive this week so that they can get back to playing the game.

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