Dead Space 4 has not been cancelled

There’s been no real news about Dead Space 4 for several years now but according to details from EA and Visceral Games, the series isn’t over just yet and that there is still a future for this infamous horror series.


EA rejected the claim that the series was dead in 2013, the company stated that the Dead Space IP was important to them as a company however they’ve failed to release any more news about it.

Visceral Games developed the actual games and unless EA gets a new developer, there will be no new game coming out for the series any time soon.

Visceral Games is currently developing an upcoming Star Wars game and is also supporting Battlefield Hardline which means the team is already busy on projects. When Dead Space returns, the next game will most likely be a reboot for the series and could be a very different game.

Dead Space 4 will not be released any time soon and gamers should not expect to see the game being announced any time this year.

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  1. Where the hell did you get this reboot BS? It’s literally just speculation since there’s no work being done on the series currently.

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