Software update 4.00 available for PlayStation 4

The latest software update for the PlayStation 4 is now available for owners of the console and it brings a large number of changes for all users. As promised, the update has brought a range of library changes to make accessing and using the library easier for users who own a lot of games.


One of the biggest additions in this update is the inclusion of folders that players can name and use to arrange their games or applications.

While this is very useful some players, everyone will benefit from the new Quick Menu that provides easy access to a range of features such as parties, messages, music and trophies without needing to leave the game. As a bonus, the Quick Menu can be customized allowing players to personalize their account more.

Anyone just turning the console on will notice there are new system screens for various areas including player profiles; players can also save messages and comment or like videos and screenshots taken by other players.

As expected, owners will now be able to transfer their data to another PS4 system; this update has come ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro release and means that players can easily move between consoles without losing their game saves, settings, screenshots or other vital data.

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