The Last of Us 2 is not being developed but a remastered original is in the works

News about The Last of Us has emerged in the wake of the PlayStation 4 Pro reveal earlier this month; the popular action-adventure game was first released in 2013 for the original PS4 but new reports are showing that The Last of Us is being remastered for the PS4 Pro.


The remastered version will feature 4K resolution but has been confirmed to be locked to 30fps; it can also be switched between 4K and 1080p with no problems.

No other changes have been confirmed for this edition of the game and it looks like it’s purely a graphic overhaul which may not be worth purchasing for more players who already own the game.


New rumors about The Last of Us 2 suggest that Naughty Dog is now focused on the remastered version instead of creating the new game; it now looks like the developer is not interested in creating a sequel any time soon.

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