Adobe Flash Player Update with Critical Bug Fixes

One of the most widely used apps for streaming video content is Adobe Flash Player and it’s distributed for free which also contributes to its popularity.

Unfortunately, it’s also a very flawed app whose vulnerabilities have caused some problems across time. For example, a few months ago, one of those vulnerabilities was exploited to target a high profile victim.

In the meantime, the vulnerability was fixed but many other vulnerabilities were discovered later on which is why Adobe Systems has just released an update with fixes. The update was designed to fix 30 vulnerabilities found in Flash Player and in the Digital Editions products. Twenty-six of those vulnerabilities were discovered in Flash Player and they could have all been exploited to remotely install malware on devices. Twenty-three of them could have led to remote execution and the rest of them could have been used to bypass security features or for information disclosure.

The update will come to Flash Player on all platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux and users are urged to update Flash Player because if they don’t, they will continue to be a target for hackers or malicious third parties. The update version for Windows and Mac is and the update version for Linux is Along with these security patches, Linux users will also get a modern NPAPI Flash Player plug-in sometime soon.

At the same time, Adobe has also launched the 4.5.2 version for Adobe Digital Editions for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. This version comes with eight fixed vulnerabilities which could have also been used for remote code execution.

Lastly, Adobe also rolled out an update for the Adobe AIR SDK & Compiler for Windows that also comes with security fixes and support for secure transmissions on Android AIR apps.

As always, all users are urged to update their Adobe Flash Player whenever they can or to check as often as possible for new updates.

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