Gmail vs. – Best Email Service Comparison

These days, it’s hard to choose the best email service, since there are plenty of options around. Two of the most popular options around are Gmail and Despite Gmail has been leading the tops for the recent years, Microsoft invested energy and money into their own service and now Outlook seems to catch up with Google.

When it comes to organizing your emails, Gmail is extremely helpful. You can use the filters in the app to sort emails depending on the keywords in the subject/body, the attachments, the size or sender. Furthermore, you can apply labels to them so it’s even easier. Meanwhile, Outlook has a more complicated approach to this. By default, you see on the left side a list with all the default folders and you create some of your on to organize. They also let you pin emails to appear at the top of folders. Both of them automatically sort away the emails they think are not useful and you find them in Spam/Junk in Gmail and in Clutter in Outlook.

If you like to change your interface every once in a while, Google is the best option for you. They introduced several options for you to choose from, and they even added a tabbed inbox view to let you sort email in categories such as Social, Promotions and Updates. Outlook, on the other hand, doesn’t let you choose what you want and offers you a three-panel interface and that’s it.

The downside on both of them is the fact that they have ads. However, for Outlook you can disable ads if you pay $20 a year, while in Gmail you can turn off the Promotions tab or the tabbed type of inbox altogether.

All in all, they are both excellent email services, each with its fans. However, mainly because of their organization, Outlook seems to be targeting a professional and office use, while Gmail integrates a more personal target.

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