iPhone 8 Production Kept Secret in Israel – What’s There To Know?

A new report shows that at least part of Apple’s efforts of working at a new iPhone might be takin place outside Cupertino. It seems that Apple is using an office located in Herzliya, Israel, in order to advance on the iPhone 8, as an employee supposedly confessed to Business Insider. Of course, iPhone 8 is a temporary name given to the next smartphone the Apple company might release.

The employee was unidentified but he supposedly works on soldering components for Apple. He suggested that the “iPhone 8” would be totally different from the current version, the iPhone 7, and that it will receive a major redesign. The report also showed that the upcoming device might enjoy a better rear camera, but this is everything we know until now.

Apple had launched the iPhone 7 model in the beginning of this month, with a considerable noise around it. Despite all the expectations, the company has received lots of criticisms for the fact that they chose a design for the iPhone 7 that resembles iPhone 6S too much. Critics were also concerned about the fact that the company made a daring move, deciding to get rid of the headphone jack for good.

However, Apple enhanced the iPhone 7 power, thanks to the A10 processor and it also improved drastically its camera. The new model also brought a new home button that incorporates a fingerprint sensor and that responds with vibrations when some functions are complete, such as making a payment through Apple Pay.

During the past years, Apple had offered some major upgrades to their iPhone series every other year. This year everybody expected them to do the same, but it seems that the iPhone 7 is not very different than the previous models. Reports have shown that the company is postponing the big changes for the next year releases.

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