GTA 6 Release Date Gets Delayed

The initial plan for Rockstar was to launch the sixth installment of the GTA 6 series in 2018, but it seems that the video game developer has changed its plans. For now, the development and the progress for GTA 6 is in limbo.

Apparently the developers are focusing more on innovative GTA 5 DLCs instead of advancing with the work on the next GTA game. Up until now there haven’t been any official announcements regarding GTA 6, but there have indeed been lots of rumors from GTA enthusiasts and tech crazy people. Everybody thought that Rockstar Games will take into account the huge subject that was debated at the PlayStation meeting that took place on September 7 in New York City.

Despite this, the publisher did not shed any light on the GTA 6 topic. For this reason, many gamers claim that the developers changed course and decided to milk GTA 5 for as much time as they can. Since the previous releases have truly been amazing successes, it is expected that the GTA 6 will hit the charts when it comes to animation and technology.

Of course, there are other speculations too, one of them being that the release of the GTA 6 must synchronize with the release of some state-of-the-art and novel equipment that is going to pair up with the upcoming game. Some of these equipments might be the PlayStation VR and some other technologies that support virtual reality in one way or another.

Out of all speculations, this one seems to be the most plausible and it would explain why is Rockstar keeping quiet about the developments and progress with GTA 6. This might also explain why they keep working on the previous installment and releasing free and new DLC content just to keep their fans close.

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