Adobe Flash Player Free Download Available with Critical Bug Fixes

The latest update for the very problematic Adobe Flash Player will fix 30 critical vulnerabilities. You may have heard about the numerous problems that affect this app and still, it remains a widely used platform for streaming video content. This means that it’s very likely that you’re using it and that this update is very important.

App vulnerabilities can be exploited by malicious third parties in order to get your information and then abuse it. This is why upgrading apps is always recommended especially since almost all updates come with patches for security issues.

This is even more important when it comes to Adobe Flash Player and while the upgrade can happen automatically, there’s still a chance that it won’t do that and you’ll have to do it manually by going to the Adobe site and downloading the latest version.

The latest update for Adobe Flash Player fixes the CVE-2016-4287 vulnerability that can lead to code execution, the CVE-2016-4272 vulnerability that can also lead to remote code execution along with other 10 vulnerabilities, the CVE-2016-4271 vulnerability that could have enabled a malicious third party to bypass security and the CVE-2016-4274 vulnerability that combined with other 10 vulnerabilities could have corrupted memory and would have eventually led to remote code execution along with many other minor, but still very dangerous vulnerabilities.

As to what concerns those who use Flash Player on their mobiles, they should know that there is an update available for them as well that fixes 8 vulnerabilities that could eventually lead to remote code execution. The update is basically the 4.5.2 version of Adobe Digital Editions for iOS and Android, but there is also a version that fixes these 8 vulnerabilities for the Flash Player Digital Editions on Mac and Windows.

Again, if you want to be certain that your device and the data that it contains are safe, update your Flash player.

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  1. I’m just saying this could not be safe for some computers like my Mac so I advise to be aware that your downloading this ok. Good luck

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