Adobe Flash Player Update Download Available on Microsoft Browsers

It seems that the Microsoft Security Staff has announced this week that they have made the decision to keep Adobe Flash Player as default on both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 OS.

It is good to know that the Adobe Flash Player has become one of the primary targets for Trojan attacks and phishing since a few years ago. Even if Adobe is trying to fix a good amount of these issues, it seems that there are still many security holes that the Flash Player has.

To make things even worse for Adobe Flash Player, HTML5 is getting more and more popular and big companies are adopting it. In other words, is just a matter of time until HTML5 will win the “battle” with Adobe Flash Player.

We remind you that back in 2014, a good amount of browsers have started to abandon Java as the default application for running scripts on browsers. However, this is when the hackers have started using the Adobe Flash Player as a “tool” to get inside infected computers. They are using the vulnerabilities of Adobe Flash Player (which are many) in order to get the computers infected, which allow them to gain full access of the machines.

As many of you already know, Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10. This browser doesn’t support ActiveX or Java at all, and we can say the same for Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

Microsoft said that when the Internet Explorer loads a webpage that has ActiveX controls, the browser is calling the security software to scan the HTML and script content of that page before loading the controls themselves.

So, Adobe Flash Player will still be used on these popular browsers, but it will probably not last too long until it will be removed for good.

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