Adobe Flash Player Download Available with Critical Security Update – Will it Beat HTML5?

It seems that Adobe is trying to fix a good amount of issues that the Flash Player has. However, as most of you already know, HTML5 is already taking over and it seems that the company is quite late, as these problems have been present for years.

The new Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded and installed directly from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center. If you own a device that runs on Mac OS and you have Adobe Flash Player version 11.3.x or later installed on it and have “Allow Adobe to install updates” option enabled, then you will receive this update automatically. In addition, Google Chrome will also automatically update Flash Player to version

It is good to know that Safari browser on macOS Sierra will disable Flash by default, but it will allow users to enable the plug-in whenever they want to. At the same time, Firefox and Chrome and other modern web browsers come with web plug-in safeguards in order to make sure that your computer doesn’t get infected because of the Flash Player security issues.

We remind you that other critical security updates has been released for the Flash Player back in March 2016. Back then, Adobe has released an “emergency” Flash Player security update in order to stop “ransomware” attacks that were affecting Flash-based advertisements on Mac and other platforms. It is good to know that “ransomware” is a type of malware that will encrypt the hard drive on a computer and demands payment in order to decrypt it.

Even if Adobe is trying to fix all issues that its Flash Player has, we think that this bugged application will not stand a chance against HTML5. In other words, it is just a matter of time until HTML5 will take over and Adobe Flash Player will die forever.

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