Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader Update with Security Fixes

The Adobe Systems Incorporated Company has developed some useful security fixes for their Flash Player, Creative Could and Acrobat Reader products. The patch released in October takes care of 84 issues that were found in the three programs.

Last Tuesday, Adobe revealed the recent updates through 3 Security Bulletins. According to them, the versions that will be affected are the Linux, ChromeOS, Windows and Macintosh. The latest patch has no zero-day vulnerabilities, and the developers know about all the 84 bugs. The company acknowledged the organizations and all the individuals who reported the issues, such as researches from Trend Micro, Tencent, Palo Alto Networks and others.

Last March, Adobe was forced to work on a security patch since they had discovered a zero-day corruption of the memory. Through that vulnerability, some developers spread around some ransomware. Moreover, everybody knows that the program developed by Adobe have constant security issues.

But should you update it or not? According to the Severity and Priority ratings made by Adobe, these have been marked as critical, being a priority for users. The patch blocks attackers from gaining control over the system and remotely executing their code. Adobe advised all the administrators that they should install the patch in maximum 72 hours since its release in order to keep their computers safe.

As such, Acrobat and Reader have rating 2 in priority. For now, there are no known exploits, but if you look back, there has always been a high risk with this program. In order to avoid such ransomware attacks, Adobe advises people to install the update on Macintosh and Windows in maximum 30 days.

Other problems that the patch resolved are memory corruption issues, overflow bugs, security issues and use-after-free vulnerabilities. Either way, you should totally install the patch as soon as you can, just to be sure.

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