Master for Minecraft v.1.3.39 APK Tool Download Available with New Changes

Minecraft is a very popular game, played by people of all ages. The game is sandbox type of game that gives the player an opportunity to use his imagination and creativity, and the option to build everything around him from scratch. The player must first create a safe place for him to protect himself, especially at night when the monsters come out. Since the game had massive success, the game keeps on growing and right now players can team up and build, fight and create in a multiplayer environment.

Minecraft consists of three game modes. The most popular one is Survival. In this mode you need to survive alone, hunted by monsters. The Hardcore mode, that is similar to the Survival mode, the only difference is the level of difficulty the player will encounter. The third mode is the Creative mode where the player can do anything he wants, he has unlimited resources and the ability to fly.

Master for Minecraft comes as an assisting tool for playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, works with MCPE 11 version.

Master for Minecraft v.1.3.39 APK Features for Android users:

  • Perfect Importing

It gives the player the option to create his own world, to import and replace maps or skins and also textures of Minecraft (ModPE), at an easier rate than before.

  • Infite Items

Players can get Diamonds and Enchanted items for free in Minecraft PE, giving the player the option to get any items he wants without any struggle.

  • Game Modification

Players will get an in-game floating window to help them edit the game with just one click. Commands like !Invincible, !Flying, !Sprinting will be really easy to use.

  • Game Addons

Powerful addons such as “Protect Item&Lv” will be added.

  • Free Download

The most important feature of them all is this one. Players can download anything they want for free. They can download skins, ModPEs, maps, and so on.

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