Adobe Flash Player Update Download Available with Vulnerability Patch

A new Flash Player version has just been released by Adobe. The company claims that all users who have Flash Player installed on their computers should update the software right away, as the vulnerability that the developers have found would allow hackers to run malicious code.

The vulnerability that the developers have found is CVE-2016-7855, which allows hackers to install various threats on the computer which can eventually grant the attacker full control.

In the Adobe’s security bulleting list we see this issue as “critical”, which means that there is a high possibility that a code has already been executed thanks to the vulnerability.

For now, hackers are exploiting this vulnerability in limited, but targeted attacks. The affected computers are running on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. There is no sign that the Linux machines are being targeted, but Adobe has released a patch for the Flash Player version for Linux and Mac OS, as well.

If you don’t know how to check the version of your Flash Player, we suggest you to head to the official Flash Player website. Once the webpage loads, you will be able to see which Adobe Flash Player version you have installed on your computer and the latest version that’s available for different operating systems.

The latest Adobe Flash Player version that’s available for Windows OS, Chrome OS and Mac OS is If your computer runs on Linux, then you should know that the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is

Unfortunately for Adobe, its Flash Player is already losing a good amount of users, as big companies have already decided to ditch it in favor of HTML5. However, until the Flash Player completely dies, we will see more security patches that will be released by Adobe.

What are your thoughts about Adobe Flash Player? What do you think its fate will be?

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