iPhone 8 Release Date Rumors with All-Glass Design and Improved Display

There are already rumors regarding iPhone 8. Even though iPhone 7 has just been released, speculations about the next Apple smartphone are already coming to light. Apple is rumored to switch up their design game. The design change will mainly consist of a new all around glass chassis.

Apple is expected to introduce a new OLED display installed on iPhone 8, and this option is viable only because the classic physical Home button has been removed. The new OLED display panel will be spread all around the front side of the smartphone.

There are reports showing that the front camera of the smartphone and also the fingerprint sensor are going to be placed underneath the glass display panel. To install these features underneath the display panel they will have to make some changes to the design to be able to relocate the light sensor first.

Reports coming from Yahoo state that on most smartphones the light sensor cannot be placed on the same side as the active display region, or the front face of the smartphone. And for that reason, usually there is extra space left for the light sensor on the top or bottom side of the device. Where companies choose to place the light sensor is very important because depending on the place is going to be situated, the weight of the device will change, and it can also alter the way a display looks. It can become bulky if large border are added for the accommodation of the light sensor. Apple will more than likely try to develop a new light sensor technology to avoid changing the design of the iPhone 8 too drastically.

Apple has not released any official statement to confirm the rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 8. Speculations show that the device is expected to sport an aluminum frame and it will probably come with some of the newly introduced features that iPhone 7 has, features like the new iPod and Portrait Mode. Apple is also expected to add the wireless charging feature to their iPhone 8.

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