Adobe Flash Player Latest Patch Download Available with Fixes for Security Issues

A new Adobe Flash Player has been released, but the company has not released an official change log about it. However, it is good to know that the update has just been uploaded to Adobe’s servers, which means that a change log will most likely appear on the website sometime later. Adobe is asking users to update to the Flash Player version, as this new update comes with security fixes.

It is good to know that Adobe has now synced its security patching cycle with Microsoft. We think that this was a great idea, as Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” is offering fixes for security issues. It makes sense why Adobe has tried to sync its security patch day with Microsoft.

It is good to know that Microsoft and Google will also deliver the Flash Player patch via their own software update distribution channels. In other words, when a new version of Flash Player is released by Adobe, Microsoft and Google release it for Windows OS and respectively for Chrome. This is surely great news, as many users out there were not updating their Windows OS or Google’s Chrome very often.

Currently, the latest Flash Player version can be downloaded and installed by all users out there. However, if you don’t want to do it manually, you can always wait for Microsoft to release it via its Windows Update.

We think that Adobe should have made this change a long time ago and now it’s somehow too late. We all know that the Flash Player had some security flaws in the past, but for some reason Adobe is still finding bugs and other security issues everyday.

On the other hand, the HTML5 is getting more and more popular, as big companies are switching to it because it is more secure.

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