DStv stopped using Adobe Flash Player in exchange for HTML5

Today we will talk about MultiChoice’s TV on-the-go service, DStv, which has ditched the Flash Player for its video content and changed it with a the HTML5 video player. It seems that big companies are now switching to the new HTML5 player, as it is more secure and it doesn’t come with major bugs and issues as Adobe’s Flash Player.

So, from now on, you will notice that the HTML5 will be used to stream content from DStv. It is good to know that this HTML5 acts similar as the Adobe Flash Player, which means that you will not have to download videos as, instead, you will just need to buffer them.

Graeme Cumming, the head of DStv Digital Media, is quite excited about the new development. He claims that it is normal to move in a direction where the company cares about its users and want to make sure that content is delivered without any issues.

DStv is offering TV series, movies and documentaries, which you can stream directly from the built-in HTML5 video player across Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux. It is good to know that the HTML5 is supported by all modern browsers out there, so you should not have any issues if you use a browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

HTML5 will detect the customer’s connection speed and it will adapt the video accordingly. This means that if you have a low connection speed, it will make sure that it doesn’t give you a high quality of the video as you will most likely not be able to view it without buffering all the time.

You can also adjust the stream quality by clicking on the “Settings” icon that’s located on the video player within the browser. The lowest quality stream is at 400×224 @ 370Kbps and it is capped at 960×540 @ 1200Kbps.

DStv Now can also be accessed online via the application on smartphones and tablets. The application is free to download and it can be found on the Apple Store or Google Play Store, but you will need a DStv account to use it.

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