Adobe Flash Player Download and Install Guide for Android

One of the biggest changes Google made to the Android operating system is that they removed Adobe’s Flash Player from the Play Store. Knowing too well that Android is the most open software there is and that it’s compatible with almost all add-ons, owners of Android powered devices shouldn’t worry about the absence of Flash from Google’s Play Store. Power users that need Adobe’s Flash Player can still get their hands on the app, the only downside is that they need to download and install the player themselves, and for that reason we will present readers with a guide on how to that.

Adobe Flash Player

Keep in mind that the designated device needs to be connected to a strong internet connection before starting the process. After finding and connecting the device, the user can go ahead and access the Settings panel and tap on the Security tab to enable “Unknown Sources”. Enabling this feature will allow the user to install apps that can’t be found on Google’s Play Store. Now that the unknown sources feature has been enabled the user is required to open up a browser page and access Adobe’s official archive and search for a Flash version that’s compatible with the Android version of the designated device. The user might need to search for a while before finding the correct Flash version because Adobe released a bunch of Flash versions. After finding the compatible Flash player, all the user needs to do now is download it and then tap on the install_flash_player.apk. All that’s left to do is wait for the installation process to end.

The reason Google removed Flash from their app store is because the company decided to opt for HTML5 instead. This doesn’t really mean that Flash is dead, actually the developer team is working on releasing a new and better version right now.

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