Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest Leaks Reveals Impressive Features

Reports are showing that the Korean tech giant is getting ready for next year and it has already decided on what specs they will use for their upcoming 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship device. Everybody knows that Samsung needs to step up their game following their Note 7 disaster and create great flagship device in order to clear their name and prove that they are still one of the top tech firms. We can be sure that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will truly represent the amount of tech quality Samsung can produce.

Leaked information shows that Samsung is focusing on their camera technology and that they are implementing a new system that will improve the speed and accuracy of pictures taken using the rear camera. Samsung stopped from installing additional pixels on their cameras for a while now and instead the company chose to opt for a higher picture quality instead. For that reason Samsung has one of the best rear cameras that can be found on a smartphone, even if other flagship devices have 20MP cameras, they still can’t provide the same picture quality as Samsung does. The leaked information didn’t show any information about the front camera, but we know that Samsung usually settles for 5 megapixels, which is the right amount that users need to take selfies.

Other rumors are pointing out that Samsung might want to take another route design wise, and change it up completely by equipping their devices with bezel-less displays. This makes sense because we already know that Samsung has been testing out with round corners, and also this would certainly make the upcoming Galaxy S8 more appealing towards customers. Either way, we can be sure that Samsung will install innovative features on their upcoming flagship.

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