Fake Flash Player Update found by Locky Ransomware

It seems that more and more websites are now hosting Fake Flash Player update files. This is the reason why we suggest you to firstly make sure that the website you’re about to download from is safe.

According to some reports, there are now websites that are hosting Fake Flash Player Updates that come with malware such as Locky Ransomware. This fake Flash update website has been discovered by ExecuteMalware and it seems that there are already a good amount of computers that got infected by it.

It is very simple to get infected, as you will only have to visit the fake webpage and you will be noticed a webpage that states that the Flash Player is out of date and a download automatically starts (and executable file is downloaded).

Once the FlashPlayer.exe file is downloaded to your computer, you will notice that it even has the icon of the Flash Player, so it is quite hard to notice that this update is actually a fake one.

Once you will run this .exe file, you will have a big “surprise” and you will see a Locky ransom note that the ransomware has finished encrypting your files and in order to unlock them you will be asked to download and install “Tor Browser” and type other stuff in there.

Those other files that the ransomware is asking you to download are also exploit kits which will get you into even more trouble. We suggest you to not download and install files from websites that are not trusted. Before you download something from the internet, we suggest you to double check the address or else you might end up with some serious problems.

Have you ever installed a ransomware on your computer? Tell us your thoughts about these fake applications and the problems they come with!

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