Minecraft Update for PS4 and Xbox One with New Terrain and Elytra

The PC edition of Minecraft has always been the first one to receive major updates, and this has left console players feeling left behind, but it seems like Mojang has taken note of what their player community was asking for and they will release the biggest Minecraft update for the console yet. The update will be released in December, during the holiday season. The big December update will finally bring console players at the same level PC players have been for a long time.

December Update

The update will finally bring the End cities which the player can find after defeating the Ender Dragon, the gliding wings Elytra will be added as well, and this will allow Minecraft players to glide all over the sky. Another exciting feature to be added to the game is the Amplified terrain tool which previously was only a PC exclusive.

The last update the PC edition received was back in February and it was the Combat update. Mojang has yet to confirm if they will implement the new combat system in the game, but if they do, this will completely change how the game is played because players will be able to use shields and even two hands.

All we know right now is only a snippet of what’s to come since Mojang is keeping their mouths shut and not disclosing all the information. Maybe their intention is to surprise players, all we can do right now is to wait for December to come, or for Mojang to release the full patch notes.

Even if Mojang decides to not add the Combat update, the rest of the updates are enough to make the game more fun since Minecraft fans are very enthusiastic about the new update, especially for the addition of Elytra which will allow them to fly around the map.

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