WhatsApp iOS and Android Version Which no longer supports the app

The most popular messaging app right now is undoubtedly WhatsApp, having over one billion active users worldwide and the main reason behind its success is because the messaging app is available on almost all operating systems out there. The problem WhatsApp is facing is that they keep on adding new features and functionalities every month and those features require hardware parts that older device might not have so WhatsApp is forced to stop supporting certain operating systems. During the first quarter of 2016 the messaging app’s developers announced what operating system will be left out on the app’s official blog, but the list has been altered since then.

The following platforms will stop receiving WhatsApp support:

  • BlackBerry OS / BlackBerry 10;
  • iOS 6;
  • Windows Phone 7;
  • Android 2.1 / Android 2.2;
  • Nokia S40 / Nokia Symbian S60;
  • iPhone 3GS

To clarify the reasoning behind the decision to stop supporting these platforms the CEO of WhatsApp said: “These platforms don’t offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app’s features in the future”. It looks like stopping updates for the previously stated platforms was impending, but users shouldn’t be too upset because they would have been required to update their mobile device anyways because older Android and iOS powered devices stopped receiving support for a while now. Especially since Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 can be found available only on devices that are around ten years old.

Rumor has it that the BlackBerry 10 platform has the potential to be optimized enough that it can run all of WhatsApp’s new features but it looks like the developers behind the messaging app just chose not to go through all the hassle. BlackBerry fans are speculating that the reason behind that is because there aren’t that many BlackBerry users, but WhatsApp will never admit to such a statement.

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